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portrait of an artist


raul garza

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It was a cool morning in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila and Raul was already preparing his recorder and his microphone to go out and take sounds of the dawn. We followed him with our cameras, trying to make as little noise as possible.

 In that peaceful silence it was inevitable to hear the sounds of our own breathing.

There, illuminated by the first rays of dawn, Raúl found what he was looking for: the crackling of the dry branches, their steps on the grass, the seeds of some bush, and although we could hardly imagine the potential of those events, they turned out to be a rich material
worth rescuing with the greatest possible precision for the artist.

And it is then when human virtue is manifested, the ability to create from chaos. That capacity that our species has evolved over millions of years and that allows us to create.

“There are times when a very short event leads me to create some rhythmic-melodic motif that helps me create a whole composition”

Raúl abstracted those sounds to compose a hypnotic and enveloping piece of music, inspired by the feelings and emotions that his daughters arouse in him. What a powerful inspiration for creation.

“I feel that this chaos has a musicality,
a personality”

Finally Raúl reminds us: there will always be hard times, let’s take advantage from difficulties and obstacles to learn and grow.

In this Atomik production of the short film “Portrait of an Artist,” we are taken on a mesmerizing journey through the tranquil mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila, where Raúl embarks on a mission to capture the serene sounds of dawn.


Through his keen artistic vision, Raúl recognizes the potential in every sound, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and creates a hypnotic and enveloping piece of music that draws inspiration from his daughters’ emotions and feelings. The resulting short film is a breathtaking tribute to the power of creativity and the transformative beauty that can be found in even the smallest moments of life.

Videologia Atomica S. de R.L. Mi.
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México